Sleep Tourism: A waking up trend

Sleep Tourism: A waking up trend

More people are switching to sleep tourism as a break from conventional tourism.

The trend, its impact and related details are laid down in the following article.


  • Sleep tourism as an emerging unconventional form of tourism
  • Requirement of this trend
  • Acceptance by people
  • Benefits and future

Have you ever thought of packing your bags up for a good sleep vacation? Sounds pretty derailed though. Yes, you read that right. Interestingly, more and more people are opting for vacations wherein utmost priority and significance is devoted to a good time of sleep. This unconventional trend has largely dawned upon people, especially in the post-pandemic era with much effectiveness. 

Why are people waking up to sleep tourism?

The pandemic times had tested the toughest of human emotions. People in these trying times at large have been drained out of both physical ailments and mental health issues. Almost the entire global population continues to bear the brunt of the pandemic, in some way or the other, directly or indirectly.

Consequently, sleep as a primary requirement by human beings in specific is not adequate. Reports from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine(AASM) state that:

  • 30-35 % of adults have brief symptoms of insomnia.
  • 15-20% have short-term insomnia lasting less than 3 months
  • 10% chronic insomnia

Besides, various studies worldwide have reported 10-30% of the population suffering from insomnia with much severity in adults having other medical comorbidities.

Why are people waking up to sleep tourism?
Image Source: Journal of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

Eventually, it can be pretty well figured out that the requirement of sleep tourism is further necessitated by the requirement of sleep. People are switching to vacations that prioritize exploring sleep instead of exploring places, cuisines or cultures.

Countries facilitating sleep tourism

Several Western nations have already put a step forward in preparing hotels and resorts with sleep-enhancing amenities. As per CNNTravel reports, over the past 12 months, Park Hyatt, New York has opened the Bryte Restorative Sleep Suite, a 900 square-foot suite filled with sleep-enhancing facilities. Rosewood hotels and Resorts recently launched a collection of retreats called the Alchemy of Sleep, designed to promote rest. 

According to Firstpost reports, hotels and resorts are putting eye masks and earplugs beside bed tables. It also includes AI-powered amenities that work mechanically to relieve pressure points. It eventually records and sub, its a sleep report on the following day.

The entire buzz around sleep tourism might be seen as a luxurious venture. Yet, technological interventions and their implications fall considerably significant and effective in making sleep tourism a priority. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that technological advancements are significantly aiding in this process of enhancing sleep tourism. Thus, the perks of technological advancements in the near future are considerably enjoyed.

Disclaimer: The trend is subjective to what individuals opt for and is hereby not intended to promote luxury. Experiences too might be varying. Thus, in order to try something new, one may have a thought and go ahead.

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