Taehyung and his impeccable fashion sense make him an everlasting stylish icon of the World.

Image Source: deviantart.com

Kim Taehyung, popularly known as ‘V’ of BTS, a Korean boy band, loves to style himself. He is referred to as a Global fashion icon and has driven his fans crazy with his every look. Earlier he used to style himself by using British Fashion, like in most formal attire- Buttoned trench Coats, Sweaters, and Ties.

Nowadays it has changed to more crisp and simple. In an interview, he mentioned his comfort and more importantly how he feels about that outfit. Classic chinos or shorts Wide leg pants and slacks, floral polo t-shirt, loose button-downs, and caps are all he needs, he knows how to style himself the best.

Taehyung’s fashion style is adored by many celebrities, Isyana Sarasvati, an Indonesian singer who is a judge on ‘The Voice All’ wore an outfit that resembled the same as him. A red jacket, a black leather top, and a diamond necklace.

He is multi-talented too, His voice and excellent dance skills have made a special image of himself in the heart of every Army. Taehyung solo songs like ‘Winter Bear, Sweet Night, Scenery, Someone like you, Stigma, Singularity, Hug me, Friends, and Inner Child.’ sounds soothing and touches the heart. 

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