The role of interaction design?

Interaction designers are responsible for designing products that create a positive user experience. They assist with the development of product design-strategy and work with the product development team to ensure the design product meets both business and consumer objectives. These designers follow along with the entire design process and are responsible for everything from conducting market research to analysing business … Read more

Definition of Usability

Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. The word “usability” also refers to methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process. Put very simply, usability is the ease with which a person can accomplish a given task with your product. And whether you’re designing a login screen, a search experience, or anything else … Read more

What is Prototype? Why Prototype?

From the earlier article we have seen what interaction design is and how it works. The process of designing a prototype is one of the key terms you can see. so in this article, we will discuss what is prototype and why a prototype is essential as such. Let’s get started. What is a Prototype? Prototype plays a vital role … Read more

The goals of interaction design

Generally speaking, any interactive product should provide good usability. But what do we mean when we say it is ‘usable’? Over the years interaction designers have identified a number of specific qualities, which are aimed at during the design process and referred to as ‘usability goals.  Typically, these are: ·        Effectiveness: does the product enable the user … Read more

Task Description and Task Analysis

Task analysis is a process where the user’s problems are defined at the beginning label and conclude with the task flow process. It is a journey from the problem to the solution or you can say complex to simple. Here in this process, the designer’s main objective is to keep the task simple as possible. The second main objective of … Read more

What are Usability Goals

Usability goals are concerned with how useful and easy it is to use a product or system. When we design a product, we consider usability goals in order to ensure that the product delivers the expected solution to the identified problem. here are 6 main usability goals that establish the standard: The 6 usability goals 1. Easy to learn 2. … Read more