BJP and the road 2024 – Loose or History?

For some people, 2024 is far away and a distant dream but the political spectrums have started heating up. Parties across India have started preparing for the general elections which are going to be held in 2024 or other words “Chunaav ka bigool baj chuka hai”, The opposition has also geared up for an instance the Congress has come up … Read more

Understanding the Powers of the President in India

The President of India is the highest constitutional authority in the country. The President is the head of state, and their role is ceremonial as well as executive. Understanding the powers of the President is important for understanding the functioning of India’s government. In this article, we will explore the qualifications of the President, the election process, and the powers … Read more

2023 Turkish Elections: Voters to Decide Erdogan’s Future

In 2023, Turkey will have presidential and parliamentary elections that will determine the country’s future. Erdogan faces a strong challenge as a six-party coalition of opposition parties seeks to depose him. Background to the Elections After a controversial referendum in 2017, the country transitioned from a parliamentary system to a presidential form of government. In the 2018 presidential elections, Recep … Read more

Hekani Jakhalu becomes the first woman MLA in Nagaland, writes history.

PDPP’s Hekani Jahalu made history by becoming the first woman elected to the 60-member Nagaland Parliament. Jahalu has been declared the winner of the Dimapur-III constituency in the 2023 Nagaland State Assembly elections. She defeated LJP’s Azeto Jimomi (Ram Vilas) by 1536 votes. Mrs. Jahalu is an American-educated lawyer and social entrepreneur. The 48-year-old does her advocacy through YouthNet, a … Read more

BJP’s drubbing defeat in Karnataka Elections

After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) faced a significant defeat in the Karnataka elections, Sharad Pawar, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, expressed that the public has disapproved of the slogan “Modi hai to mumkin hai” (With Modi, everything is possible). The BJP in the state now faces various challenges, including decreasing reliance on Prime Minister Modi, eradicating corruption, … Read more