The public is understanding in whose hands the remote control is: PM Modi

While addressing a public meeting in Karnataka on February 27th, PM Modi attacks Congress by saying that Mallikarjun Khadge is the party president just to show, we all know the remote control is in whose hands.

He also said that congress insulted Mallikarjun Khadge when in so much heat, only Sonia Gandhi gets the shade of the umbrella. 

“I have so much respect in my heart for Mallikarjun Khadge, who has around 50 years of parliamentary experience. He always has tried his best to serve the public, but I feel very sad by seeing that Khadge, who is party president and also older in age, get treated like this in Chhattisgarh in Congress convention” said Pm Modi. Adding to his speech he said “seeing this, the public is understanding in whose hands the remote control is”

Modi’s attack is an old habit

PM Modi hasn’t said anything new, he also used to attack Congress before 2014 by saying that the government is getting controlled through remote control, he again uses his remote control dialogue. Parties have started preparing for the 2024 general elections and start putting allegations against each other. The only difference is that congress immediately replied to PM Modi’s allegation but we are still waiting for when will BJP or PM Modi will answer the opposition on Adani. 

What Congress has to say?

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While replying to PM Modi, Congress spoke person, Supriya Shrinate attacked PM Modi by saying that he is the master of trash talks. She also questions, where was the respect when Khadge ji’s speech is getting cut in the house?

“PM Modi is the master of pointless and trash talks. Sonia Gandhi ji is advised to stay away from sunlight and dust due to her ill health. Still, she came to the convention due to her dedication. Mutual respect and affinity among the top leadership is the mark of model conduct. By the way, where was the respect when Khadge ji’s speech is getting cut in the house?” Supriya Shrinate tweeted.

Unlike the 2019 general election, Congress is looking very active for the 2024 election. Will they be able to make it in the 2024 election? They are attacking PM Modi continuously for his silence on China and Adani. During “Bharat Jodo Yatra”, Rahul Gandhi also attacked PM Modi for not doing a single press conference in the last 8 years. 

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