On 8th of May 2023,the ceremony of thronging took place at Buckingham palace. King Charles 3 and Queen Camila accepted the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth 2. 

With 2200 guests including the British royal family and representatives from 203 countries are invited to the coronation.

The dress code was given to the guests and photography was arranged.

After the death of queen Elizabeth, Charles 3 had become king immediately and he was proclaimed as a king by the accession council UK on 10th September. counselors arranged the coronation for king Charles and queen Camila.

Image Source: ABC7 news

The coronation begun with rehearsals ,it took place on 17th,18th and 19th of April. Charles, Camila, prince and princess of Wales,Williams, Catherine,Anne and their children attended Westminster abbey.

Westminster abbey was closed for tourists due to coronation.

Not to overload ,queen Camila wore a necklace called a coronation necklace,it is called a Lahore necklace which was stolen during the time of Pakistan’s treasury.

The Lahore coronation necklace had a 25 brilliant diamond and it was a pure 22.48 carrt.

The  coronation ceremony started with rituals, traditions, jewelleries and Queen Mary’s crown.

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