The PM Modi Nobel Prize tale is untrue

Asle Toje, a member of the Nobel Prize Committee who lives in Norway, denied multiple media claims that he had endorsed Prime Minister Modi as one of the leading candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“There was a false news tweet sent out, and I believe we should handle it as such. It’s a scam. Don’t talk about it; just give it some oxygen or energy. I vehemently deny saying anything similar to what was in that tweet “He spoke.

Toje was misquoted by Indian news outlets

Although Toje made no reference to Modi being a contender for the prize, TV networks and media sources misinterpreted his remarks to imply that the prime minister was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Times Now anchor asserted that Toje stated that Modi is the “largest candidate” for the award during the interview with the vice chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, urging viewers to pay attention to the discussion.

Toje was misquoted by some TV channels and news outlets, including Times Now, OpIndia, and The Economic Times, to support their assertion that Modi is a leading candidate for the prestigious award. This led to the clarification.

A noteworthy fact is that the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which chooses the nominations, withholds the names of the candidates for 50 years.

ICF Chairman Vibhav K. Upadhyay claimed that Toje had been misquoted by Indian news outlets.

Upadhyay expressed his hope that it was chosen by TV networks “by accident or by additional excitement,” adding that it is unlawful if it was done “by plan”.

Rumors led to the clarification

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Asle Toje, the deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, responded to the claims that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a serious contender for this year’s Nobel Prize by saying, “It is absolutely false.”

“I am not here in India as the deputy chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, but rather as the director of the International Peace and Understanding organisation and a supporter of the India Center Foundation,” he claimed.

ICF is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Delhi.

“And I’m here in India to discuss your politics and progress. I am, nevertheless, the Nobel committee’s deputy chairman. There was a false news tweet sent out, and we should regard it as such.”

Toje added, “Prime Minister Modi has intervened on a constructive note in the Ukraine issue, warning Russia against using nuclear weapons,” thanking PM Modi for his efforts to stop the Russia-Ukraine war from expanding. Toje cited Modi’s famous statement that “today’s era is not an era of war” that he made in response to the Ukraine issue.

“Every responsible leader in the world would want to convey this message, in my opinion. And when it comes from a strong nation like India, it is even more significant, “Toje stated. He continued by saying that Mr. Modi is one of the world’s oldest politicians and has been India’s prime minister for a number of years, which has gained him widespread respect.

Toje commended India’s transformation from a developing country to “one of the key economies in this globe” over the years.

“Much consideration is given to India. India typically uses a welcoming tone and avoids using threats when it speaks “Said he.

Toje stated: “The declaration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that “this is not the era of conflict” expressed optimism. India has made it clear that this is not the way to settle international problems in the modern era. The vast majority of people on earth support Prime Minister Modi.”

He stated the following in regards to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine: “The conflict in Ukraine is tragic. It is necessary to put an end to this particular war. All nations and goodwill nations should work to find a solution, and India’s intervention to alert Russia to the potential use of nuclear weapons was highly beneficial in this regard “Added he.

Toje claimed that PM Modi has the backing of the majority of people on earth and that India has sent a message that international problems should not be settled through military force. He thanked India for stating its position in a cordial manner without threatening anyone and urged all nations and countries of good will to find a resolution to the problem.

India simply expressed its position in a kind manner; it didn’t threaten anyone or talk in a loud voice. We need more of India in international politics, Toje argued, as one of the major world powers.

Toje did appreciate PM Modi’s leadership, but the Nobel Peace Prize was not mentioned.

When the anchor asks about Modi and the award in a different interview, Toje is not seen responding in the affirmative.

Any leader, he argued, ought to work hard enough to take home the victory. Toje continued, “But the job comes first and the award comes later.

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