The song “Dreamers” by BTS Jungkook isthe fastest OST by a Kpop soloist to reach 300 million Spotify streams.

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The music industry continues to be shaken by Jungkook. His lone song, “Dreamers,” has accomplished not one, but three incredible feats. The most recent one is the original soundtrack (OST) by a K-pop soloist to reach 300 million Spotify streams in the shortest amount of time.

It also bears the distinction of being the quickest FIFA World Cup soundtrack and the quickest Korean solo song to accomplish this amazing record.

With its captivating tune and Jungkook’s emotive vocals, “Dreamers” has won over admirers and listeners all over the world. The song received a lot of attention and enthusiasm from both K-pop and football fans when it was included on the FIFA World Cup 2022 official soundtrack. K-pop’s contagious charm and the ferocious adrenaline of the sport were seamlessly merged to create an amazing musical experience.


The fact that Jungkook was able to attain 300 million streams on Spotify in such a short period of time is evidence of his enormous popularity and the widespread appeal of his songs. Undoubtedly, a major contributing cause to Jungkook’s enormous success is his ability to engage listeners through his songs. The song has evolved into a universal anthem for sports competitions and graduation ceremonies in both high schools and colleges.

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