Ukraine and Pakistan denies the claim of arms supply deal

Ukraine Foreign minster 2 days official visit to Pakistan

Krainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kulebra was on two days official visit to Islamabad, Pakistan.
According to report , the Islamabad -Kylie arms supply deal cracked during his visit to the county

The foreign minister thanked Pakistan for supporting Ukraine’s stance on sovereignty and security. Ukraine FM expressed the country’s interest in boosting trade and Pakistan – Ukraine economic ties.

This later lead to the speculation of an arms deal wherein Pakistan was helping Ukraine against the backdrop of the Russia Invasion by supplying munitions and arms

However, The Ukrainian Foreign Minster Dmytro Kuleba rejected the media report stating that there is no arms deal happening between the two countries

Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal expressed Pakistan’s deep concern over the loss of lives due to Russia’s invasion.

In spite of grappling with its own economic challenges, Pakistan displayed a commendable gesture of goodwill and solidarity by taking the initiative to dispatch humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Pakistan hoped that peace will prevail so that people of both Russia and Ukraine could leave peacefully

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