US President Joe Biden refuses to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets.

Even as Russian forces continue to make strides in eastern Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said that his country won’t give F-16 fighter jets.

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On Monday, US President Joe Biden made it clear that his country won’t give F-16 fighter jets despite many requests from Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Russian forces are continuing to make major strides in the eastern part of Ukraine.

However, French President Emmanuel Macron said that France is willing to provide Ukraine with fighter jets. 

In a press conference on Jan 30, the French President said that “by definition, nothing is excluded”. Instead of F-16, France is willing to give Mirage 2000C instead.

Kyiv has been trying to convince its western allies to supply it with modern fighter jets, after securing a supply of battle tanks from the US and Germany.

Ukraine officials have stated that warplanes will help them fend off Russian attacks, strengthen their air defense and help them prepare for a spring offensive. 

However, along with US, Germany is also reluctant to send thor fighter jets to Ukraine. Other European countries like Poland have stated they will provide combat aircraft in specific circumstances.

The UK has also said that it is “not practical” to send its aircraft to Ukraine.

An adviser to Ukraine’s defense minister said that Ukraine was aiming to receive the fighter jets after securing crucial supplies last week.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine ahead of Joe Biden’s decision said that Ukraine was facing relentless attacks from Russian troops. He also warned that Moscow is ready to step up its assault.

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Many times Zelensky and many top country officials have said that there should be no taboos on military aid.

However many of its western allies believe that such aid would only escalate the conflict with the nuclear weapon bearing Russia.

Yuriy Ihnat, Ukraine’s Air Force spokesperson on Tuesday said that Kyiv was in need of up to 200 multi-role fighter jets like the F-16 to defend its skies.

He also added that Moscow currently outnumbered them by five to six times in terms of the number of war planes.

Ukraine is currently using MiGs, fighter jets that were made before they were independent of the USSR in 1991.

Even after repeated pleas from Ukraine, Joe Biden has equally refused to supply them. Instead, he is focused on providing military support in other areas.

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