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What are RSS/Feed Subscribers? Importance And Advantage: 

What are RSS/Feed Subscribers? Importance And Advantage: 

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RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, and as technology advances and changes on a daily basis, the value of RSS grows.

A benefit of subscribing to RSS is that you don’t have to check the website for updates; they automatically ping your phone as they come in and when updates are available in your area. So it is very useful for us to check the website on time and not let anyone do anything on the website without your permission.

RSS feeds are also easily accessible in your blog and in emails, allowing you to monitor the blogs at any time. You will get automatically notified when the post is forwarded to you, and it is very easy to reconsider it.

RSS feeds are an easy way to stay up to date with your favourite websites, such as blogs or online magazines. If a site offers an RSS feed, you get notified whenever a new post goes up, and then you can read a summary or the whole post.

Purpose of RSS 

Traditionally, when RSS was not set up, it was very difficult for us to find out which new things were recent and what was new. It also makes it simple for sites to begin personalizing the data in the centre and to reach out to places with values. Once again, the question is raised: why is RSS required?

If we can’t do anything without RSS if RSS isn’t set up in any mobile device, then the simple answer is that RSS isn’t that necessary or mandatory, but RSS makes it very easy to learn about the status of a website, which will be more useful to us once we know. Instead of having to actively go and visit the sites of your interest to find out if there are any updates, the RSS alerts you when a website has been updated without you having to do anything.

3 Ways to Find An RSS Feed URL for Any Website: 

  1. Find the RSS feed for the WordPress website here: The WordPress CMS powers more than 30% of the Internet, so if you’re trying to find an RSS feed for a website, your best bet is to assume the site is WordPress and try the following options:
  1. Via website site source code: The RSS feed URL can also be found by visiting the website site via source code. In coding, you have to mention all the details through which you can achieve the task as well.
  1. Finding an RSS feed using websites like Joomla, Drupal, etc.: you can also find the RSS feed using this type of website, and people use it very effectively.

Now We’ll learn to know how to create RSS feed URL for your Joomla website: 

For Joomla, it is recommended to install an RSS plugin such as gsRSSFeed. This plugin will make setting up an RSS feed in Joomla as simple as possible.

Step 1: Go to the RSS Feeds section on

Step 2: Download gsRSSFeed or another plugin of your choosing.

Step 3: Install gsRSSFeed via the Joomla installer.

Step 4: Go to Components >> gsRSSFeed and click “New.”

Step 5: Fill in the information requested. Most of these fields are self-explanatory. You can happily just give your feed a name and click save.

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