What is Custom Reporting in Interacting with Data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important names among the services used for such analysis work. Due to its reliability and the high variety of tools that it has to offer, almost every major organization is drawn towards this platform. Google Analytics Custom Reports and Google Analytics Dashboards are 2 such tools offered by Google Analytics that can enhance the productivity of your Marketing Teams.

This blog will introduce you to Google Analytics Custom Reports and Google Analytics Dashboards and explain their importance. Furthermore, it will provide a step-by-step guide on how to customize both of these tools to suit your business requirements. Read along to learn more about these 2 popular tools that can revolutionize your Digital Marketing! 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Google Analytics Custom Reports
  • Introduction to Google Analytics Dashboards
  • Types of Google Analytics Custom Reports
    • Website Traffic Reports
    • Content Performance Reports
    • Social Media Traffic Reports
    • Internal Website Search Reports
  • Steps to Create Google Analytics Custom Reports
  • Steps to Create Google Analytics Dashboards
  • Conclusion

Introduction to Google Analytics Custom Reports

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Google Analytics offers Reports as a default service, that can help you in monitoring your website. However, these Reports are very basic and can not provide a thorough analysis of your online content. This limitation can be avoided by using Google Analytics Custom Reports. It is a service provided by Google Analytics that enables you to customize and build your own Reports from scratch to gain valuable insights. These Google Analytics Custom Reports provide detailed information related to your Website Traffic, Viewer Engagement, Social Media Response, etc.

Creating Google Analytics Custom Reports has been simplified by the various Templates that the Google Analytics platform provides. Moreover, you have the option of adding more features to these Templates according to your needs. This allows you to create a personalized Report which will present information that is relevant to you and will be useful in enhancing your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Introduction to Google Analytics Dashboards

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Google Analytics Dashboards is one of the most powerful and essential tools for your Digital Marketing Team today. Google Analytics Dashboards can be understood as a collection of simple Widgets that can be used to quickly visualize your data. With just some clicks, this tool can provide you access to a lot of valuable insights from your company’s website.

Google Analytics as a service has a lot to offer but it can be a little difficult and time-consuming to work with. That’s where Google Analytics Dashboards come into play. It can simplify your usage of Google Analytics and can assist you in various aspects of Digital Marketing. The following are the 2 essential functions that Google Analytics Dashboards perform:

  • Monitoring Website Performance: Understanding performance trends over time can not only help you determine what needs to be improved to make your next effort more successful, but it can also help you understand where breakthroughs have occurred.
  • Tracking your Audience: Your digital content is valuable only to the relevant audience. So, you need to ensure that the right kind of audience is regularly visiting your websites and blogs. Google Dashboards helps you with that as it allows you to track the various readers who visit your website daily

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