Women and health: How balancing has been an effort to significantly acknowledge

Women have been perceived as strong and empowered in general. Yet that certainly fails to glorify the fight put forward by a woman more, mentally. Read on to the article to know more.


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Women’s Health

Come March 8 every year and celebrations glorifying women’s movements, women’s empowerment gain momentum. This necessitates a very significant although much talked about issue, physical ailment-induced mental health crisis. 

As per reports from Mental Health Foundation, around one in five women suffer from common mental health-related problems such as anxiety or depression. Women have been primarily perceived as caregivers for ages. As a part of this evolutionary process, the mental well-being of women, in general, has been often overlooked. Rather to say, they are reached out as protectors or shielders of mental assistance.

Physical ailments induced mental health issues.

According to Harvard Health research, most people dealing with chronic pain are women. Even in this field more study has been done on men compared to women. This disparity is prevalent even in cancer studies wherein there is considerable under-reporting of figures that indicates the number of females diagnosed with physical ailments.

As a part of growing up, women might face a range of physical ailments and bodily changes. This might fall heavily on their mental health which is hardly talked about. A woman encountering PCOS or PCOD has to strive for a better life each day and fight against all health odds.

Besides hormonal alterations bring about susceptible changes that may prove to be extremely fragile and vulnerable for women. Adequate availability of mental healthcare here not only aids in recovering from physical ailments but also provides the necessary strength to fight against odds.

Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women by and large. It also significantly emphasizes the fact that the road or path that they encounter is difficult striding through. The entire process ought to be equally glorified. This calls for a holistic glorification of Women’s day.

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