Xi Jinping is elected as China’s President for a historic 3rd term 

Xi Jinping secured an unprecedented 3rd term of five years tenure and became the first President of China to be elected third time in a row with no party in opposition.

On Friday, nearly 3,000 members of China’s rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC), voted unanimously for Xi Jinping to be president of China for the third time in a row. 

There was no other candidate in the election , said a Reuters report.

Image Source : India Today

64 years old Xi was also elected as the chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) by a unanimous vote.

Xi in his public oath allegiance to the constitution took an oath right after being elected and said in his oath: “I pledge to be allegiant to the Constitution of the PRC, safeguard the Constitution’s authority, fulfill my legal obligations, be loyal to the country and the people, be committed and honest in my duty, accept the people’s supervision and work for a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful,” he said. 

He was first elected as General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee in late 2012, and Chinese President and CMC chairman of the PRC in March 2013. 

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