A massive avalanche in Sikkim killed one child among six tourists, and 80 people are still buried under snow.

An avalanche killed seven tourists and injured 11 others in Sikkim’s Nathula area on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, an avalanche killed a minimum of seven people, including a child, in Sikkim’s Nathula area. The avalanche happened near the 15th-mile marker on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg.

According to defence sources, the avalanche trapped five to six vehicles as well as 20-30 tourists on their way to Nathula.

Trishakti Corps, the Indian Army, and a BRO Project SWASTIK team swung into action right away and launched an all-out rescue mission.

Until 4pm, 23 tourists, including 6 from the deep valley, had been rescued and transported to nearby Indian Army medical facilities. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing in the area.

Aside from that, 350 stranded visitors and 80 vehicles were saved after roads were cleared of snow.

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