FIR Will Be Filed Against Rahul Gandhi In Case Of No Apology, Says Ranjit Savarkar, Grandson Of VD Savarkar

FIR Will Be Filed Against Rahul Gandhi In Case Of No Apology, Says Ranjit Savarkar, Grandson Of VD Savarkar

Veer Savarkar’s grandson Ranjit Savarkar, on Tuesday, hovered to file an FIR against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi if “he doesn’t apologize for his statement about Savarkar”. “I’ll file an FIR against Rahul Gandhi if he doesn’t apologize for his statement about Savarkar.

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This isn’t the first time that Rahul Gandhi or the Congress party has disrespected Veer Savarkar. It’s unfortunate that rather than apologizing, he continues to repeat this,” says Ranjit Savarkar, grandson of VD Savarkar. 

“I had also asked Uddhav Thackeray to ask his alliance mate, especially Rahul Gandhi, to apologize for disrespecting Savarkar. When Uddhav Thackeray was the CM, a Congress prophet made depreciatory reflections against Veer Savarkar but he did nothing,” added Ranjit Savarkar. He further added, “I’ve formerly filed two complaints against Rahul Gandhi in Dadar police station. Five times back, he called VD Savarkar ‘Desh Drohi’. The court has asked the police station to shoot a notice to Rahul Gandhi over that and I’m following it up. The alternate case was after his statements against Savarkar in the Bharat Jodo Yatra. 

This time also, I’ll file a complaint. We’ve to settle this issue so that Savarkar’s name isn’t blackened again and again. We’ve to do it through the courts. Historically, there’s no evidence that Savarkar had apologized before the British Raj.” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on March 25th, while answering a question at a press conference in Delhi on whether he should have apologized for his UK reflections and the Modi surname comment said,” My name isn’t Savarkar. My name is Gandhi. Gandhi kisi se maafi nahi mangta (Gandhi doesn’t make justifications to anyone).” Savarkar’s grandson on Monday challenged Rahul Gandhi to furnish evidence of Savarkar apologizing to British authorities. 

Ranjit Savarkar, responding to Rahul Gandhi’s Savarkar comment, said whatever the ex-MP is doing is “jejune”. This wasn’t the first time Rahul Gandhi had invoked Savarkar’s reason to the British. The Congress leader, during his Bharat Jodo Yatra in November last time, claimed that VD Savarkar used to write mercy wishes to be freed from the Andaman cellular jail. He’d indeed said that Savarkar had helped the British during the independence struggle. Rahul Gandhi was doomed to two times in jail by a Surat court on March 23 in a 2019 felonious vilification case over his” why all stealers have Modi surname” comment. A day later, he was disqualified from the Lok Sabha from the date of his conviction in the case.

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