What is the matrilineal system? Why Khasi tribe adopted these? Why do ancestors use the surname of their mothers? What is the relation or connection between the Khasi tribe with the Mount of heaven’s navel? how and when Khasi tribe got its origin? what is the belief birth of a community with the origin of the earth? Lets us find the answer to these interesting questions and let us study a wonderful community.

The origin of word khasi took from the Austro-Asiatic term khas which means hills it is believed that ryngkew and basa preached goddess of the land motherland for the children god bless them with sun, moon fire  air and water as their children and for the protection of the earth among  16 Divya kul send 7 divya kul. According to the Khasi tribe, the way to reach heaven the only way is jinkieng ksiar is a wood bridge.

Some people believe that there is oak tree communicates with a god named as lum sohpetbneng meant mount of Haven’s navel. But afterward among the seven Divya kul without the now following orders of god oak tree disappeared. These divyakul are left in the earth only names of the kul are khynriam, pnar, bhoi, war, Maram, lyngngam and diko called ki hynniew trep  or 7 huts this khasi tribe connects their origin.

In the book the history and Culture of Khasi People by hamlet bareh  by seng khasi organization them, Khasi first migrated from package hills and came east to Assam but the motherland of Khasi is Meghalaya which is garo hills, khasi hilld and jainitya hills are included.

The Khasi tribe follows their lineage and heritage carry as a matrilineal system. In spite of the father’s child carrying the mother’s surname in the matrilineal system most elder daughters which called khaddu  she is the custodian of the property even after marriage doesn’t leave the home of the mother they take care of their parent’s whole life even after the death of the mother becomes the head of the family. 

Khasi from its origin followed its tribal religion but after emerging of christen missionaries most of the 85% converted to christen even today most of the Khasi people follow their old religion niamkhasi or called niamtre.

The main profession of the Khasi tribe is farming they speak mor Khmer language. Khasi people occupy a large land area as owner ship to manage that they make a community called darbar this community provide land as a registry in nominal prize or charge. Roster or hen consider as luck according to them roster awaken god from cluck sound then god created the world. 

By the changing of time khasi community brought a change in social life, now they are bigger post, but the way they adopted the matrilineal system respected the dignity of women, and understand the power of women such are rare examples in society which make the community incredible.

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