Accused detained after a woman’s body is discovered in a Delhi dhaba’s freezer

In west Delhi, a 24-year-old man is accused of killing his live-in partner by strangling her with a phone cord and dumping her body in a refrigerator at a dhaba before marrying another woman later the same day.

Similar to the Shraddha Walker case, the capital witnesses yet another gruesome incident involving a 23-year-old woman murdered by her lover and dumped in a freezer at a dhaba near the Mitraon village in Delhi’s Narfagarh area. 

The victim, identified as Nikki Yadav, was strangled to death by her boyfriend, Sahil Gehlot, on the nights of February 9 and 10, according to the police. The accused allegedly choked the woman in his car using the data cord from his phone, then put her body in the refrigerator of his dhaba before leaving the same day to wed another woman. He was taken into custody on Tuesday.

How Did They Connect?

In 2018, while studying for examinations in the Uttam Nagar region, Sahil, a native of Mitraon village, met Nikki, a resident of Jhajjar in Haryana. They eventually enrolled at the same Greater Noida college. 

In Greater Noida, the pair moved into a leased home and began cohabitating. They returned to their houses during the Covid lockdown, and once it was through, they began sharing a rental property in the Dwarka neighbourhood. They have been in a live-in relationship since.

What Ensued Later?

The accused and the victim never told their families about their relationship while living together. Since she occasionally came to live with them, only Yadav’s sister was aware of their relationship.

Sources claim that Sahil’s family pressured him to wed a different woman and even scheduled the wedding for February 10th. Nikki confronted him after learning of his upcoming marriage, and the two fought.

In a conversation with ANI, additional DCP (Dwarka) Vikram Singh remarked, “According to preliminary investigation, the defendant was planning to wed a different woman. And after learning about it, the victim objected and asked that he marry her .”

Nikki requested Gehlot meet him at their residence on the day of the suspected murder. According to Indian Express, the pair drove away from the house at 11 pm and arrived at Kashmere Gate. After an hour of argument, Gehlot allegedly strangled her with a data cable, panicked, and drove the car with her body around for a while. 

Investigators claim that Gehlot arrived at his dhaba around 4 am and reportedly decided to conceal the body inside a freezer. He stuffed her body into a blue, single-door refrigerator and used cable wires to close it. He then returned home to get ready for his marriage. Gehlot admitted to the police that the fridge wasn’t working and that the dhaba was closed due to the wedding. 

How Was Sahil Detained?

Yadav’s family, who lived in Jhajjar, Haryana, could not reach her. A resident who knew the pair called and alerted the police that the woman was missing. When the police went to Gehlot’s Mitraon home, no one was there.

He had turned off his phone. He was ultimately taken into custody from Kair village after many raids. Gehlot located the body for the police, which has been sent for further investigation. His car, which was utilized during the crime, has also been seized by the police.

As per Special Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Ravindra Yadav, a case of evidence destruction along with a murder case has been filed at the Baba Haridas Nagar police station. The investigators will also examine the accused’s claims during the investigation.

As reported by Virti Shah.

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