Shraddha Murder Case

Shraddha Murder Case

Earlier this year, Shraddha was choked by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala, who then chopped up her body into 35 pieces. The body parts were stored up in a 300-litre fridge for almost three weeks at his residence in South Delhi’s Mehrauli, which he dumped across the city over several days. 

On Thursday Poonawala underwent an 8-hour polygraph test during which he disclosed several spine-chilling details.

Shraddha Murder Case
Aftab Poonawala accused
  • During the polygraph test, Poonawala told police that he read up on human anatomy before chopping Shraddha’s body.
  • After browsing on the internet for ways to remove the traces of the murder, Poonawala mopped blood stains with some chemicals and also disposed of all stained clothes.
  • He shifted the body to the bathroom and  bought a refrigerator and then kept the body parts there
  • Meanwhile, Apollo Hospital Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Sandeep Vohra told news agency ANI, “This case cannot be of the heat of the moment. It is something that was continuously on his mind and it seems to be a well-planned move. Because the way he acted after executing the murder can be done only by a person with psychopathic traits and not by a normal person.”
  • Two years ago, Shraddha Walker registered a complaint against their boyfriend Aaftab Poonawala at a Maharashtra police station that he had threatened to kill her and chop her body into pieces. “Today he tried to kill me by suffocating me and he scares me and blackmails me that he will kill me, cut me up in pieces and throw me away. It’s been six months he has been hitting me but I did not have the guts to go to the police because he would threaten to kill me,” her statement Delhi
  • The local police said Shraddha later gave another written statement that “we no longer have any quarrel” after his parents spoke to them, and asked for no action to be taken.
  • Shraddha also told her friends that Poonawala’s parents were aware of his violent behaviour towards her 
  • Days after the murder, he called another woman to their house even when Shraddha’s body parts were in the fridge
Shraddha Walkar Murder Case

The act of boyfriend Aftab who killed his beloved Shraddha was shocking. But what he did next was even more terrible. After Shraddha’s murder, Aftab called his first girlfriend home. He was with her all day. It has come to light that the two had sex with each other that night.

More importantly, it has been reported that Aftab was trying to trap the third girl in his net. So

  • Aftab is not a psycho-killer, right? 
  • How many more girls has he caught in his net? 

The police will also investigate this.

Aftab, who had an affair with Shraddha in a call centre in Mumbai, took her to Delhi. Shraddha’s family opposed their relationship. So Shraddha and Aftab lived in a live-in relationship.

Shraddha Murder Case
(Shraddha walker and Aftab Poonawala, accused)

Meanwhile, before getting romantically involved with Shraddha, Aftab was quite active on a dating app. On this dating app, he met a Psychosits girl. This girl was from Delhi

But later Aftab lost contact with the psychologist girl after getting involved with Shraddha. Shraddha came to Delhi with Aftab against the opposition of her family. But as she was getting married there, Aftab strangulated her and killed her. After that, her body was cut into 35 pieces and thrown at different places

After killing Shraddha, Aftab remembers the psychologist girl from Delhi who he thought was his first love. He started chatting with her again. One day he called her home.

In the same house where Aftab killed Shraddha, the girl and Aftab spent the whole day together. It has been reported that both of them had sex with each other that night.

But Aftab did not stop there. Meanwhile, he was all set to lure a third girl into his net. He had also brought a third girl under his influence in Delhi.

The police investigation also revealed that the only thing left to do was to exchange each other’s mobile numbers. It has come to light that Aftab also offered to come home to this girl.

A team of Delhi Police has started checking the mobile data of accused Aftab Punawala in this murder case. Shocking revelations have started coming from the chat 

A narco analysis test of Aaftab Poonawala, the accused in the gruesome murder of his live-in partner Shraddha Walker, was conducted on Thursday at the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital in the national capital’s Rohini, Delhi Police officials said.

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