Unidentified individuals threw acid on a 36-year-old lady in Delhi’s Bharat Nagar neighbourhood. The woman was standing with her son when the incident happened, resulting in acid splashes on the child, according to Delhi Police.

According to the news agency ANI, the police believe the assault was motivated by personal animosity. According to other reports, both the mother and the child were injured in the assault. 

The police got a call from a woman who stated that she was in Bharat Nagar setting up her store in Guru Bazar when the miscreants attacked her. She claimed that the males approached them from the park and threw acid at them, causing them to flee

According to the police, after the woman got treatment, she provided additional details about the suspect. The authorities are currently looking for the accused.

Acid attack on a woman in Delhi
Source: The Quint

The Delhi Police filed a chargesheet under the Poison Act last week against e-commerce firm Flipkart and its delivery company Instakart for selling acid on its website. Three people used acid purchased from the website on a 17-year-old in December 2022. One of the suspects purchased the acid and paid with an e-wallet.

The accused are presently being held in judicial custody. To gather more information on the case, the Delhi Police is depending on electronic and forensic evidence. The acid was identified as ‘Nitric Acid’ in the forensic analysis.

According to the chargesheet, the accused also told the Delhi Police that they wished to buy Nitric Acid, proving the prosecution’s (police) story. Following the event, the Delhi Police issued a notice to Flipkart and Instakart, inquiring about their compliance with acid-sale regulations.

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