Agitation Against Adani- Congress to organize PARDAFASH Rallies.

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What is the Purpose?

Congress will conduct a PARDAFASH rally against the Modi government’s policy of friendly relations with Adani. The primary purpose of this rally is to show the real face of the government. 

The rally was conducted by the Congress at the district headquarters in March. The block-level protest in front of public banks and LIC offices Then the “Chalo Raj Bhavan” will also be conducted on March 13, 2023. the large-scale, massive rallies in all state capitals on April 20, 2023.

All the state-level MLAs, MPs, senior leaders, and other important people will also ask to join in this rally by the Congress party.

They will think that these rallies can make the people’s vision clearer about the Modi government and its favorable relationship with corporations like Adani, the Ambani brothers, and other millionaires.

What happened in India?

On January 27, the Hindenburg report will be released. That report says that Adani involves himself in fraud in the stock market by using the benami accounts of his brothers. The companies involved in the investment in Adani Group are not real; they’ll cheat the market and manipulate the investors.

After this report, the stock market in India will be affected globally. Because Adani Group is an international group with a lot of investors and a high growth rate, Without the government support there is not possible for the fraud in present century.  In this case, we can conclude that the Modi government is also a part of this fraud. It can collapse the Indian stock market’s values globally.

Now also the SEBI and RBI will not take action against this fraud. They’ll confirm that the reason for this silence is the Modi government’s support. 

Another example of the rallies is the BBC’s publication of a documentary titled “The Modi Question.” The documentary screening the riots in Gujarat on February 22, 2002 At the time of the riot, Modi was the CM of Gujarat state. He would not stop the riot because he had allowed the Hindus and Muslims to riot. In that riot, many Muslim and Hindu people were killed. 

After the BBC documentary, the BBC will face the IT survey on February 20, 2023. The below-mentioned articles can explain the detailed information about the BBC survey👇.



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