All Problems of Earth will Vanish when Cow Slaughter is Stopped: Gujarat Court

According to the court judgment relating to a case of cattle being transported illegally, said that the end of the universe will result from the extinction of cows.

Observations on Cow Slaughter

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As it dealt with a case involving the unlawful transportation of cattle from Maharashtra, the Gujarat court made some observations regarding cow slaughter. According to LiveLaw and Bar and Bench, after the accused was sentenced to life in prison, the court said that all of the world’s problems will be resolved on the day that not a drop of cow blood fell on the planet. The district court of Tapi declared that if cows go extinct, the universe will also end.

The vitality of Cow Observed

 Samir Vinodchandra Vyas, the chief district judge, issued the decree in November. “Science has established that atomic radiation has no impact on buildings built of cow dung. Numerous incurable diseases can be cured by using gaumutra (cow urine).

The cow represents religion, “Judge said. The court cited shlokas in stating that wealth increases in areas where cows are content and that it decreases in areas where cows are persecuted. The court declared that “Cow is the mother of Rudra, the daughter of Vasu, the sister of the Aditiputras, and the treasure of Dhrutroop Amrit.”

The welfare of Cows is the Welfare of the planet

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“Cow is the mother animal in addition to being an animal. It is given the name of the mother for this reason. A cow is the most thankful animal. A cow is a living home to 33 billion gods and 68 billion holy sites. All issues will be resolved, and the welfare of the planet will be established, on the day when there is not a drop of cow blood on the planet “The judge stated.

Life Sentence & Fine 

The individual was detained in August of last year in connection with a case involving the illegal transportation of over 16 cows. The man suffered a five lakh rupee fine in addition to a life sentence.

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