Article – Towards Harmonious society

As the world is experiencing a systematic breakdown, acts of terrorism are on the rise. The recent acts of terror in my locality shattered me completely and forced me to question humanity and our human society. Terror is the main objective of these acts. The radicals who carry out these are only interested in instilling fear in the public.

The tragedy of our times is that we live in a world where every day we hear about these terrorists’ activities. From the United States to France to Baghdad to India, every country is facing a threat from terrorism. The terror attacks in Peshawar, which killed schoolchildren, and Mumbai, which killed innocent people, are all signs of a society that seems to have forgotten that peace and brotherhood are the foundations of human civilization.

People who are successful are successful not only when they murder innocent people, but also when we lose our harmony and evil, such as their vengeance. The only way we can show terrorists that their attempts have failed is to show them that our society is bound by peace and harmony, which goes beyond categorizing terrorism based on religious groups because terrorism is an act against humanity as a whole, and the only way to defeat it is to find strength in humanity’s values.

It is said that wars are fought not by the force of hand but by the force of mind. If this is a war that humanity is fighting against terrorism, then we need to inculcate values of togetherness and unity. We need to plant the seeds of peace, love, and harmony in people’s minds and build a utopia that accepts our differences and shares our hopes.

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