Ashiwini Vaishnaw announces, India to get its own ChatGPT soon

The Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ashiwini Vaishnaw drops a massive hint regarding the launch of the Indian version of ChatGPT soon. Since the launch of this bot last November, the AI bot has attracted a huge number of users, it has taken the world to storm and can be accessed for free by its users. As in the past, India launched an Indian version of pubg by the name Fauji and Twitter by the name Koo, now India eyes to launch an Indian version of ChatGPT.

Ashiwini Vaishnaw announces, India to get its own ChatGPT soon

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ChatGPT, a chatbot that does wonders with assistance from Artificial Intelligence, is regularly in news these days. Recently, Ashwini Vaishnaw the Union Minister of Electronic and Information Technology indicated that India may have its own ChatGPT in the next few months. The minister visited the Indian Global Forum Annual Summit in New Delhi on Friday, and when someone from the audience asked him about launching a site equivalent to ChatGPT, the minister answered, “ Wait for a few months, a big announcement is coming”. The minister added as the Parliament session is going on, he cannot reveal more details regarding this.

The AI bot launched in November has crossed over 1 million users within the 1st five days of its launch. The technology in which Microsoft has invested a huge sum of $10 billion is giving tough competition to Google’s monopoly and disrupting several settled technology businesses.

In addition to the statement on the launch of the AI chatbot, the minister also said that many global agencies have shown faith in joining hands with Indian entrepreneurs and startups. He said India’s status only as a technology consumer is changing. “ There was a time when India was a technology consumer only and today then the time has arrived when many global developers would like to have Indian startups and entrepreneurs as their partners in the development of technology,” he said.

Government to work with start-ups for ChatGPT

Vaishnaw assured that the government will work together with all the startups in India, he further said that not a single startup was affected in India due to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, as the government took immediate action to help them. To fight the crisis, the government engaged with the entire startup community and ensured whatever deposit they want to add to Indian banks the entire process was smooth, and not a single startup in India suffered, the minister said.

The Minister of Information Technology points out India’s plan to be in the lead role of 6G telecom service. He explained, in 2022 Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a target for India to be equal to developed countries in 4G and 5G, but make sure to lead the world in 6G telecom technology, and while the world is still 4-6 years away from 6G technology, the time to start the development is now so that India can lead the world as the technology matures.

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