Duolingo is smarter now with chatGPT 4.0

Duolingo is smarter now with chatGPT 4.0
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Duolingo launches new Duolingo Max in collaboration with open AI chatGPT 4.0. | Photo Credits: LinkedIn.

Duolingo announces its new integration with Open AI chatbot chatGPT 4.0 on its learning app. It took no time to announce its integration on launching Duolingo Max as its new subscription on the same day GPT 4.0 was announced. 


Duolingo is one of the largest language learning apps used globally with around 50 million learners every month. Duolingo has 40+ languages across 100+ courses. Learners advance from simple vocabulary exercises to complicated sentence structures with fun but competitive exercises, and challenges and gain points in XP to keep them motivated to learn a language every day. 

The company’s lesson platform comprises gamification such as speaking, translation, listening, and multiple-choice challenges and provides grading and ways to improve. And in all of this Artificial Intelligence has a crucial role to play. 

The Principal Product Manager of the company Edwin Bodge says “Artificial intelligence has always been a huge part of our strategy. We had been using it for personalizing lessons and running Duolingo English Tests. But there were gaps in a learner’s journey that we wanted to fill: conversation practice, and contextual feedback on mistakes.” 

Duolingo integration with ChatGPT 4.0 and its new features:

Duolingo has launched one new tier of subscriptions called Duolingo Max after its earlier subscription to Supreme Duolingo. 

While Super Duolingo (a tier below the latest) had unlimited hearts, no ads, and a practice hub. This latest tier Duolingo Max has introduced two new features: Roleplay and Explain my Answer. These features are supported by chatGPT 4.0.

Duolingo Max and its new feature “Roleplay” explained:

To learn a new language, it is best to conversate with native language speakers and communicate more in the language they are learning.

The new Roleplay feature allows users to practice chatting in the language they are learning, except this person is an AI! 

No two conversations are alike to maximize your learning experience and resemble real-world scenarios. 

Duolingo shares that the scenarios in the Roleplay feature are human-written, so you can rest assured that there is a human element behind the AI, too.  

Duolingo Max has another new feature “Explain my answer” explained:

Not understanding why you got a response wrong must be frustrating. This new feature of “Explain my Answer” will solve this by allowing users to chat with Duo after picking the wrong answer. Users can ask Duo for further clarification and a detailed explanation of the topic they are learning. 

This feature could be like talking and learning with a tutor together and better understanding a learner’s mistakes with contextual feedback on their mistakes. 

Why did Duolingo collaborate with chatGPT 4.0?

Duolingo turned to OpenAI’s GPT-4 to advance the product. The company wanted AI-powered features that were deeply integrated into the app and leveraged the gamified aspect of Duolingo. 

Many of Duolingo’s learners wanted to learn the explicit rules of practicing the language on the app. And  The company has tried to teach them with both pre-written Grammar Tips and artificial intelligence. Even with GPT-3, the implementation was difficult. Teaching grammar requires a specific understanding of the error and why a learner made it. One incorrect term in the explanation could teach the concept incorrectly or leave the user confused and dissatisfied. 

The Duolingo team sees the potential with GPT-4 to provide a more effective and engaging learning experience than ever before, which should improve learning outcomes with the features it provides to Duolingo like Roleplay and Explain My Answer. 

Duolingo Max in Markets: 

Duolingo experiments with GPT4 by launching new features that will be available first for Spanish and French courses for English speakers on iOS, although it should be rolled out to more courses and platforms, such as Android and web, eventually after a good response. 

The company acknowledges AI might have its shortcomings and such mistakes are welcomed to be informed through feedback and mistake reports for the company to improve and give the best of its services to the users. 

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