ChatGPT in marketing and business: The AI way of business

The introduction of AI has a long way to go and has quite a significant influence in increasing business ventures manifold.


  • GPT-4 as a new technological intervention
  • GPT -4 in retail and business
  • Aid in marketing
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It took hardly a month or more for a technological intervention to create a trend in the market like a craze. With the introduction of updated versions of the newly launched GPT-4, it has paved a way for itself to be applicable in carrying out quotidian tasks.

It operates more than just a machine. Incorporated by Artificial Intelligence it works vehemently and is conscious about the questions asked or feedback demanded to generate appropriate responses.

ChatGPT in business and retail

Since its inception and usage GPT – 4 has transitioned the business model and the activities concerning business operations. Business includes both entrepreneurs and the consumer audience at large.

Thus, any business is framed in a certain way, with an ambition to achieve and a purpose to serve. This largely demands an in-depth study of the nature of the audience or consumers who is likely to select a certain kind of product. 

This further calls for analysis and research concerning the typography of the audience and eventually addressing their priorities and concerns.

Retailers also have a lot to exercise from such tech-driven tools. It aids in organizing and keeping track of records of customers, the pattern of consuming a specific product, and filters used as required preferences.

Aid in marketing

GPT-4 can create wonders in the field of marketing, finance, and business. According to reports by Forbes, ChatGPT can do the following :

Transmission of personalized marketing messages that promote products and services that align with customers’ interests and preferences.

 Assist sales reps by providing product information and answering common questions

 Integrate with loyalty programs and help customers track points and redeem rewards

 Increase sales by upselling to complementary products

Providing automated follow-up or onboarding messages after sales

Image Courtesy: Forbes

It can create an automated generation of messages by suggesting recommendations. This is further based on purchase history, search history, and other preferences. It is capable of analyzing consumer data, frequency of visiting sites, and choices aligned with the same.

Thus, the new AI intervention seeks to address the subtle nuances and requirements of not only the customers in retail but also the entrepreneurs in their businesses. Instead of searching for individual and probable consumer preferences, the AI-powered tool aims to make various options available in a much more customized format than one can ever imagine.

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