The statements of Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma is not akin to the erstwhile or present BJP leaders. He is clear in his statement of closing all 600 madrassas. Besides, he too promises to establish several schools, colleges and universities under his tenure.

          This is reflective of the fact that the Assam CM values education, to be honest, and worthy enough. It is necessitated by the factors to question, introspect and reflect on the knowledge gained through education.

            Standing straight in a podium with the purpose of addressing a rally in Belgavi’s Shivaji Maharaj garden, in poll-bound Karnataka, certain significant takeaways from his speech include:

Assam CM claims to close Madrassas
    Image courtesy: Hindustan Times

·        Ensuring education

·        Interpretations of Mughal history

·        Improvement measures targeting Muslim communities.

Further elaborations of the Assam CM

In his statements, the CM mentioned the activities of the Mughals as a derogatory representation of attacking Hindu temples. However, he ought to have attended to other issues concerning administration and political affairs.

He positively asserts of having no problem with other religions which is quite progressive of a minister like him. Moreover, he emphasizes pride in being a Hindu and extends his belongingness to the religion’s ideology.

 Lashing out at the Congress was another factor, as he eventually identifies them as successors of the Mughal dynasty. This was based on the ground of their deeds that they have been objectifying the establishment of Ram mandirs across India. He facilitated emphasizing and glorifying Hindu heroes like Chattrapati Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh.

Assam CM claims to close Madrassas
Image Courtesy: The Indian Express

         However, policing continues upon the Muslim community in this Northeastern state, especially immigrants from the nearby Bangladesh area and the refugee community of Rohingyas. Measures of eradicating child marriage in Assam was purposedly largely targeted to the Muslim community in specific.

Eventually, it is significant to note here, that the implication of these measures ought to be equally extended to the indigenous Assamese population. One cannot be easily ignorant about the fact that this age-old norm is defunct in Assam’s indigenous population itself.

          Thus, the CM’s attitude in lashing out at the Congress and labelling the Bangladeshi migrants as a “threat to our culture” is reflective of its pro–BJP and Hindutva ideology. He obviously did not forget to mention this while addressing the rally. It bears a significant impact in shaping public opinion every time such rallies occur in states marked by polls ahead.

Besides, the nuances of mentioning the names of freedom heroes may in a way aid the mass in showing interest towards the study of their history and culture, thus identifying themselves as Indians of substance.

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