Opposition unity on cards? 10 opposition parties join hands in Assam to fight BJP

Opposition unity on cards? 10 opposition parties join hands in Assam to fight BJP

At a time when top leaders of the country are still hoping for opposition unity, the Assam Congress held a discussion with 9 other parties to stop the BJP in 2024. However, AAP, TMC, and AIUDF were not a part of the meeting.

Opposition unity on cards? 10 opposition parties join hands in Assam to fight BJP
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In a major political twist, ten opposition parties in Assam united under the leadership of Congress to put up a fight against the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The leaders from all the parties gathered at a 5-star hotel in Guwahati on the 10th of March to discuss the ongoing political scenario of the state.

The ten political parties who joined the meeting were – the Indian National Congress (INC), Raijor Dol (RD), Assam Jatiya Parishad ( AJP),  Jatiya Dal Assam ( JDA), Nationalist Congress Party ( NCP), Liberal Democratic Party ( LDP), Communist Party of India- Marxist ( CPI-M), CPL- ML,  Communist Party of India ( CPI) and Rashtriya Janta Dal ( RJD). The top leaders from these parties were a part of the meeting. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Trinamool Congress (TMC), and All India United Democratic Front ( AIUDF) were kept away from the meeting.

After the end of a long discussion, the President of the Pradesh Congress Bhupen Kumar Borah addressed the press and informed, that a mass rally will take place in Guwahati on the 9th of April, in which the grassroots workers of these ten political parties will remain present. The APCC President further said that a common minimum program was adopted in the meeting, and all the parties agreed upon the crucial idea of fighting the BJP together.

The parties in the meeting supported the decision to keep AIUDF away from the meeting, as they believe there is no point in aligning with a communal party in order to fight another. This move was hailed by the intellectuals of the state, as it was seen as a step to maintain a gap from religious politics. The meeting conducted yesterday came in as a huge boost for the Congress party as it will help it to regain its lost ground in the state.

The upcoming opposition rally which is scheduled to take place on April 9 will be watched closely in the corridors of power as it will give a glimpse of the opposition’s unity against the powerful BJP. This meeting is held successfully will set the stage for a high-pitched political fight in Assam before the 2024 general elections.

Why AIUDF, TMC, and AAP were not invited to the meeting?

The AIUDF was a former ally of Congress in the state, both of these parties joined hands before the 2021 Assam Assembly Polls to contest against the BJP but remained unsuccessful. After the election, the Congress accused the AIUDF of helping BJP to retain power, things turned out to be tense when in the Rajya Sabha elections few of the representatives from the opposition cross-voted for the BJP candidate, and both parties began accusing each other.

After the appointment of Bhupen Borah as the new AICC chief, the alliance broke as Mr Bora was not in favour of an alliance with AIUDF and it was found out from several post-poll analyses that Congress faced huge losses in Hindu-dominated seats for joining hands with AIUDF. The AAP and TMC were kept away as they are not on the best of terms with Congress at the national level.



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