Assam scripts history, as it makes entry into Guinness books

On Thursday, the state of Assam made a grand entry into the Guinness Book with 42.9 lakh handwritten essays on Ahom General Lachit Barphukan. The essay writing even took place under the initiative of the Assam Government, in which people from different parts of the world submitted their writings

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Assam has earned its place recently in the Guinness Book of World Records for the record number of submissions of handwritten notes for a common purpose. The officials of the Guinness World Records submitted the certificate to Himanta Biswa Sarma who heads the biggest state in the NorthEast. According to the Guinness records, a total amount of 42,94,350 handwritten notes were submitted, which is the highest number of handwritten notes ever submitted.

The initiative was taken by the Government of Assam as part of the 400th birth anniversary of the unsung hero of the land Lachit Barphukan. In November 2022, the state government opened a portal as a part of this initiative, which could help people throughout the world to upload their writings. Apart from a portal, a mobile app was also launched to carry out this exercise. Although, there were many people who uploaded in the portal by typing only those which were handwritten were taken into consideration.

The state government celebrated the birth anniversary of Barphukan in November last year at the national capital which was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Borphukan is famous for the 1671 ‘Battle of Saraighat’ in which he and his army defeated the mighty Mughals, led by Raja Ramsingh, and made them run away from Assam.

The interesting case here is that when the essay initiative was launched, its aim was not to create any kind of record but to make common people a part of the celebration of the 400th birth anniversary of Lachit Barphukan.

Assam Government sets eye on another Guinness Record

Assam is looking forward to creating another world record that aims to deliver the biggest Bihu Performance at the Rongali Bihu festival which will take place on the 14th of April. About 11,000 folk dancers and musicians will make their presence at Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati. The government also takes the initiative to hold different workshops in all 31 districts.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma informed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will most likely be part of the celebrations and the Chief Ministers and Governors of each state will also be invited. Meanwhile, the ministers of the Assam Government are on a tour to different states to invite the respective Chief Ministers and Governors of those states.

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