Azerbaijan evacuates its Embassy in Iran after a deadly attack!

On Monday Azerbaijan completely vacated the embassy and called back all of its diplomats to the country, citing a threat. This comes after an Irani man opened fire at the Azerbaijan embassy in Tehran and killed a person. 

Azerbaijan has condemned the attack and has also threatened to end diplomatic ties with Iran. Azerbaijan has also demanded swift action against the culprit. 

Meanwhile, Iran said that they have arrested the culprit though they didn’t reveal his identity. Iran also said that this attack should not affect the relationship between the two countries but Azerbaijan doesn’t look forward to continuing the ties. Azerbaijan’s ministry said recently that the prevailing Anti Azerbaijani campaign in Iran has encouraged the gunman to attack the embassy. 

Global Reactions 

The USA was the first nation to condemn the terrorist attack, it also claimed to eliminate terrorism from every corner of Earth. 

Turkey also backed Azerbaijan and called for an International investigation against the culprits. Further, many more nations came to support Azerbaijan and criticized the terror act. 

Iran in a whirlpool of trouble! 

Iran is already suffering from internal disputes of anti-hijab protests, its economy is facing the wrath of many global transactions, and Iran’s dream of becoming a nuclear power looks next to impossible. 

Two days ago an Irani defense facility was also attacked by Israel through a drone. Everything is going against their fate and now Iran’s foreign relations are also sinking due to the rise of terrorism. 

Iran must get out of this soon, otherwise, their future will be full of grief and regrets. International organizations should also step in and try to prevent things from getting worse.

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