Bangladesh establishes its first submarine base

Bangladesh establishes its first submarine base

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina opened Bangladesh’s first submarine base, the ‘BNS Sheikh Hasina,’ in Pekua, Cox’s Bazar.

The Prime Minister described the newly inaugurated naval facility as an “ultra-modern submarine base,” and called the event “a proud chapter in the history of Bangladesh’s navies.

Prime Minister, speaking virtually from her official residence Ganabhaban in Dhaka, said the recently commissioned submarine base would help the navy expand its operational capability to secure the vast marine resources. Ships travelling through the Bay of Bengal can also seek assistance from the base, according to Sheikh Hasina. 

Bangladesh establishes its first submarine base
Source: Dhaka Tribunal

Because the base is situated in the Bay of Bengal, submarines will be able to move safely and quickly in the event of an emergency.

In September 2019, the Bangladeshi government agreed with China to build a submarine base. Bangladesh’s government is working on a ‘Forces Goal 2030’ to modernize its armed force.

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