Big suggestion from Conrad Sangma, chief minister of Meghalaya, after exit polls indicate a hung assembly

Big suggestion from Conrad Sangma, chief minister of Meghalaya, after exit polls indicate a hung assembly
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Exit polls from the Meghalaya elections: Times Now ETG Departure and Today in India- A hung-house in Meghalaya, known as the “Scotland of the east,” was anticipated by my Axis polls.

Conrad Sangma, the chief minister of Meghalaya, is likely to form a post-election alliance with his former coalition partner, the Bharatiya Janata Party after exit polls conducted by a number of media outlets indicated that the northeastern state would have a hung house, with Sangma’s (NPP) National People’s Party being the largest single party.

Sangma declared in Tura that the party will leave all of its options open in order to build a stable government. Sangma told news agency ANI, “We are pleased to see the trend is in line since we expected to obtain more seats than we obtained last time.

When the time comes, we will proceed while keeping the interests of the state in mind when building a stable government, Sangma said.

Speaking with NDTV, Sangma declared that the NPP is aiming to be the party that can represent the northeast on a national level.

“If we receive just a small portion of the vote, we must contact other parties to establish a government we are working towards, Sangma remarked if a party can represent the Northeast at the national level.

The “Scotland of the east” state was expected to have a hung house by the ETG Times Now Exit and India Today-My Axis polls.

According to the ETG Times Now Exit poll, Sangma’s NPP would win 18–26 seats, the Mukul Sangma–led Trinamool Congress would win 8–14 seats, the UDP another 8–14 seats, and the BJP would increase its representation from two to anywhere between 3–6 seats.

India Right Now “According to My Axis, the NPP would win 18–24 seats, falling short of a majority and having to turn to other parties to boost its numbers. Also receiving seats were the UDP (8–12), Congress (6–12), TMC (5–9), and BJP (4–8).

The National People’s Party was expected to win between 21 and 26 seats in Meghalaya, according to the Zee News exit poll. The BJP was expected to win 6-11 seats, while the Trinamool Party would get 8–13.

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