We have discussed interaction design earlier and learned that successful interaction design includes main objectives, strong purpose, creative ideas, and simplicity. In this article, we are going to discuss the principles of interaction design in detail. Let’s get discuss this.

Interaction Design

It is a creation of the dialogue between a person and the product system or services. It is a connection between the users and the product. the main objective is to create a product that allowed us to achieve the main objective efficiently. Whether it is the interaction between the user and the product, there are still several elements in the interaction design process.

Principles of Interaction Design

As we discussed earlier in the process of interaction design the main objective is to create a great user experience. for that reason, it is important to understand the principle of interaction design while creating the product or services.


It is a fundamental and Major principle in the interaction design process. It reduces the cost of the user and misuse too. We can open and choose a design element that is consistent and predictable too. For a better understanding of how things will get work and for efficiency purposes consistency plays a vital role over here.


The best designs are always simple and invisible to the eye. It is enough to make sense and understand what is necessary. So when you want to add something new feature to the design first you have to ask yourself what is the need to add in the design process whether it is required or not. To keep it simple that is the only formula that reminds you to think about the design process.


Your action should be easy and comprehensive. Design elements must be visible and represented most simply. It should be labeled for understanding otherwise it will distract the users.


It should be easy to learn and remember for the user. If the user understands how it works without any complexity and difficulty then the process of learning will go smoothly.


Usually the relationship between the controls and their effect on the globe which includes in the mapping. There are two sets of things involved in the mapping process which represent control is connected to the action of the products, services, or system.

Final Remark:

Subsequently, we come to know that in the interaction design process, there are two elements correlated to each other’s: users and products. When you want to achieve your goal in the process of interaction design to create the products most efficiently then you need to understand the five principles of interaction design that we have discussed above.

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