In the earlier article, we discussed what is interaction design and the whole process of it in detail. When we discussed the interaction design we came across the term User engagement, isn’t it?

The user-centered design known as your UCD is a process where the designers are focused on the user’s requirements and needs at every step of the design process. In this article, we are going to study the usual centric approach in the interaction design process. Let’s get discuss in detail the importance of the user-centric approach.

What is User Center Design?

You just enter design is a design process where the requirement of the users and their needs comes first in the process of the design process. In this process, the research and the design techniques are included. It is helpful to create highly effective and usable products for users.

User Center Approach – Beginning

In this process of design, designers can use different methods and tools like surveys and interviews or brainstorming methods. It is beautiful today to love understanding the users’ needs and requirements. Distant derive in the 1970s.

Consideration of User Experience

The designer understands the user’s tasks and environments in the user-centric design process. The main objective behind this process is to capture and address the whole experience of the user side. You should understand the two main factors. The first one is the user experience for the evaluation and the second one is to make sure long-term monitoring of use.

Which are the important elements of user-centered design?

Four elements are important in user-centered design as follows;

Visibility: In the process, the users should be able to see what is it and How it works and use related to the product and all.

Accessibility:  The users should able to find out the information as easily as such

Legibility: It should be easy to read and comprehensive too.

Language: The language should be easy and comprehensive with the use of short sentences and avoid jargon words.

 Investment in User Centric Design

In the process of design, every stage is considered a crucial point where you invest your effort and resources to find out what works well how it works or doesn’t work and why.

There is a possibility of positive and negative sides in many aspects. Hence, it is important to understand the benefits of a user-centric approach here. Example; IDEO Chicago with Monkeythink (partnership)

 Closing Remarks:

Subsequently, we come to know that the four stages of user-centered design are analysis, Implementation, Testing, and Evaluation. User-centered design is important because of the usability that we have discussed above. It became an advantage in terms of business purposes. 

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