HC rejects Manish Sisodia’s bail plea

HC rejects Manish Sisodia’s bail plea

On February 26, the CBI apprehended Manish Sisodia on charges of corruption relating to the development and execution of the Delhi Excise Policy 2021-22, which has since been abandoned.

The bail request made by former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who was taken into custody regarding the Delhi Excise Policy case, was denied by the Delhi High Court on May 30. The court acknowledged the existence of significant accusations of improper behaviour against him.

Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma stated that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has considered and placed importance on the statements provided by the relevant excise officers during their investigation of the case.

“Mr. Sisodia is facing grave accusations of wrongdoing. Due to his influential status and the fact that most witnesses are public servants, it is possible that they could be influenced. Considering these factors, Justice Sharma, while rejecting the bail plea of the well-known AAP leader, asserted that Sisodia ought not to be granted bail.

On February 26, the CBI apprehended Mr. Sisodia on suspicions of corruption related to the creation and execution of the Delhi Excise Policy 2021-22, which has since been revoked. This arrest came after multiple rounds of interrogation.

Mr. Sisodia’s bail plea was rejected by a trial court on March 31 in relation to a criminal conspiracy case. The court stated that he appeared to be the primary planner and had a significant and crucial involvement in the alleged payment of prearranged kickbacks amounting to ₹90-100 crore, meant for him and his fellow members of the Delhi Government. 

Mr. Sisodia contested the trial court’s ruling in the presence of the High Court, highlighting that the remaining individuals involved in the case either evaded arrest or were released on bail.

HC rejects Manish Sisodia’s bail plea
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“Sisodia, the person under accusation, bears no trace of guilt whatsoever. He is a widely esteemed member of society and holds great reverence for the legal system. Sisodia, as the applicant, is being unfairly targeted for political reasons, resulting in his arrest by the opposing party with malicious intentions to tarnish his reputation,” stated Mr. Sisodia’s bail application.

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