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India improves its position, Secure 80 rank in Henley passport index

India improves its position, Secure 80 rank in Henley passport index

Hensley Passport Index improves the rank of India by 5 spots

The Henley Passport Index 2023 was recently got released wherein it ranked counties passport.

The Henley passport is the original, authoritative ranking of world passports according to the number of destinations their holder can access without a prior visa.

Henley Passport Index is data provided by International Air Transport Authority (IATA) and it covers approximately 199 passports and 227 destinations to travel.


According to the index, it puts India’s passport at 80 spots, moving five spots from its position in 2022.

India passport holders have visa-free access to countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Jamaica and other counties. While there are still countries that need visa access with an Indian passport like the US, Japan, China, Russia and other European countries.


While Singapore took the first spot in the list replacing Japan in 2022, allowing visa-free entry in 192 countries.

Japan was at the top number for constantly five years from now but it fell to the third spot this year as there was a rise in the other countries visa access.While the US holds the eighth position on the list.

The bottom countries were Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen.

assport Index has become an interactive tool to display and rank the world’s passport

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