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What does the government say?

The Digital India program was launched by PM Narendra Modi on July 15, 2015. The main motto of this program is to develop India as an empowered nation in technology to attain growth on both a global and national level.

It will come under the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance. 

From the year 2015 until 2023, India has attained rapid growth in the tech field. It will be possible only with the help of the Digital India program launched by PM Narendra Modi. People are getting benefits from the various ways in which our modern century is organized.

On our planet, around 8 billion people are currently alive. Globally, around 6.8 billion smartphones are there actively.  So it shows that smartphones are occupying the world rapidly.

The real dark side:

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The Digital India program creates criminals digitally. In India, some educated and uneducated people do not have enough knowledge about digital fraud and cheating. A report says that 70% of Indian users have faced digital fraud in the last year.

The most common frauds registered are financial frauds and data theft frauds. Cheaters are targeted only by older people, children, and unaware people. 

Financial frauds are at their peak when COVID is at its peak. They were all the people and get the crucial information like bank details, OTP, and other critical information of the victim.

Data fraud is committed globally by hackers, scammers, and other cheaters. They’ll sell our data to corporations and the black markets like the dark web. The main types of data they’ll share are our emails, passwords, photos, etc. Government try to Stop this fraud through their cyber security specialist and police

The mostly held cheatings are bank cheating and some other corporate cheating their customers by using their unusable terms and conditions. People are getting brainwashed by the employees of banks and corporations. Banks sell their schemes, bonds, loan plans, and investments to their customers by way of employees who try to finish their monthly target.

By using those schemes and plans, the bank earns huge amounts of money by giving loans to customers at high interest. But the account holder at the bank who has money on their account can get a low amount of interest for their money. Corporations sell their products to the public through advertisement and promotion.

  Banks give loans to rich people easily, but not to poor or middle-class people. The government puts more tax on essential things in the name of GST, and that same government reduces the corporate tax. Most highly rated products are so costly that they are only affordable to rich people.

The reality is that the government and corporations are trying to reduce the middle class and convert them into the poor class by applying taxes and rules. And that same government makes the rich person ultra-rich within a year by favoring government contracts and creating new schemes specifically for them to become ultra-rich.

This is gambling by using people.

Once aware, one can survive perfectly!

We will continue this in the next article.

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