A wave of shocking statements ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s arrest by BJP. 

A wave of shocking statements ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s arrest by BJP.

 As per the reports, the politician Rahul Gandhi gets 2 years in prison in the “Modi Surname” Case. Now ever since people heard this news they want to know if it is true and where he is now. According to the reports, the Congress leader was found guilty and convicted to 2 years in jail on Thursday, 23rd March 2023 in the 2019 criminal defamation case.

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On this various BJP leaders have come up with some shocking statements as Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls ‘“Narendra Modi calls Shashi Tharoor’s wife ’50crorerupee girlfriend’ a day after the Cabinet reshuffle, UPA ministers — especially Shashi Tharoor — came under fire from Gujarat CM Narendra Modi as he made a scathing attack on the former UN diplomat, calling his wife the ” 50-crore-rupee girlfriend”.

Amit Malviya who heads the BJP’s information and technology department said that Gandhi was “flippant and dangerous”, and accused him of “deriding India and Indians”. 

Addressing a press conference, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that “Rahul’s disqualification is as per law which says that parliamentary membership is nullified.” He further added that “Nehru – Gandhi Family suffers from a sense of entitlement and feudal mindset, it should know law that law is equal for everyone.” 

Anurag Thakur called Rahul a ‘habitual offender’, saying that the Congress leader thinks he can say anything without facing any consequences “in 13 years, Rahul Gandhi participated only in 21 discussions and did not introduce any Single Private Bill he is the epitome of unparliamentary behavior.” 

Thakur further alleged that there is a Congress conspiracy against Rahul as the battery of lawyers in the party did not appeal against his conviction even 24 hours later even though they did so within hours for Pawan Khera. 

Union Minister of state for law and justice SP S Baghel also termed the disqualification as “lawful” and asserted that “everyone is equal before law” he also noted that a BJP MLA was also recently disqualified in Uttar Pradesh following his conviction in a criminal case. 

BJP president JP Nadda dismissed the charges, saying Gandhi insulted a section of Indians who happen to share the same surname as Prime Minister Modi. “It is one thing to question the government regarding the policies, that would be considered a healthy debate, but clearly the Congress has never followed such rules,” he told Reuters news agency.

BJP leaders mocked Rahul Gandhi after Jairam Ramesh prompted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to correct himself during a media interaction following the adjournment of Parliament. In a video clip that went viral online, Rahul Gandhi was seen telling reporters, “Unfortunately I am a member of Parliament and I am hopeful that I will be allowed to speak in Parliament, so I would like to first place my statement on the floor of the house.” 

Immediately after Rahul Gandhi’s remark, Ramesh can be heard asking Rahul to tweak his original statement to “Unfortunately ‘for you’, I am a member of Parliament…”, adding that otherwise they [BJP leaders] can “make a joke out of it”. 

But this much was enough, as several BJP leaders including Union ministers Kiren Rijiju and Piyush Goyal, shared a short version of the clip on Twitter to mock Rahul Gandhi. Union minister Piyush Goyal said “Unfortunately, we are at a loss for words….”, while union minister Anurag Thakur mocked Gandhi saying it really is ‘unfortunate’ that he is an MP.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr Rijiju said people will question lawmakers if they don’t condemn the act of a fellow MP and seek his apology on the floor of the House for the comments in London. “We speak in the interest of the public, but all the anti-India forces and gangs have the same language and line. The language spoken by Rahul Gandhi is the same language spoken by those working against India, conspired against India. He will have to apologize in Parliament. It is our duty to seek his apology,” he said.

Secondly, Mr Rijiju said, Rahul Gandhi said he was not allowed to speak in colleges and universities and such “lies” hurt the nation. “This is also completely false. During his yatra, he spoke everyday multiple times, day and night, criticizing the government. Rahul Gandhi is the most spoken person in the country,” he said.

Asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks made in foreign countries, he said the prime minister only spoke about the acts and deeds of the previous governments. “Modi did not become PM on his own, but due to the blessings of 140 crore people. Even the world acknowledges Modi’s role in shaping the future of India,” he said.

BJP Leader CR Paatil on March 23 said that Rahul Gandhi has no control on himself and considering the way he speaks and what he wants to convey is also not clear, hence, after this, there should be some improvement in him as he has hurt the sentiments of people of India.

Court Judgement – * “Although the accused was warned and advised by the supreme court, there is no evidence of any change in his conduct.”

* “The accused is an MP who addresses the people in the capacity of an MP and impacts a large part of society, therefore the effect of this crime is much more comprehensive in this case.”

* “If the accused is given lesser punishment, it will send a wrong message to the public and the purpose of defamation (law) is not fulfilled and slandering will become easy.”

In his first reaction to the Surat court’s verdict, Mr Gandhi quotes Mahatma Gandhi in a tweet in Hindi about truth and non-violence. “My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God, non-violence the means to get it. — Mahatma Gandhi,” the Congress leader tweeted.

A sentence of two years also invites Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as a Member of parliament under Representation of the People Act, 1951, which holds that a member of Parliament or Legislative Assembly convicted of any offense and sentenced to imprisonment of not less than two years shall be disqualified from the date of conviction. 

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