No Decision Made On The Russia-Ukraine War At The G20 Meet: Bengaluru

No Decision Made On The Russia-Ukraine War At The G20 Meet: Bengaluru

G20 finance ministers’ talks in Bengaluru came to a close without a decision on the situation in Ukraine. While the majority of countries blamed Moscow for the conflict, Russia said that the West had weakened the meeting by attempting to compel a consensus on the conflict.

No Decision Made On The Russia-Ukraine War At The G20 Meet: Bengaluru
Image Source: India Today

A meeting of finance chiefs of the Group of 20 leading husbandries concluded at Bengaluru without an agreement on the Ukraine war. While utmost nations condemned Moscow for its war on Ukraine, China and Russia declined to subscribe to a common statement.

Despite India’s disinclination to bring up the content of war, Western nations claimed to condemn it as a necessary condition for supporting any outgrowth of the meeting hosted by India as president of the Group of Twenty (G20) husbandry. 


Meanwhile, Russia accused the West of destabilising the G20 match by trying to force through a common statement on Ukraine that stalled because of dissensions. “We lament that the conditioning of the G20 continues to be destabilised by the Western collaborative and used in an anti-Russian. way,” the foreign ministry said. 

Moscow accused the United States, the European Union and the G7 nations of having ‘disintegrated the relinquishment of collaborative opinions’ by trying to put their ‘directive’ by what they said was ‘clear blackmail’.

Their end had been to put their interpretation of the Ukraine conflict in the common statement by means of prompting and “duns”, said the ministry statement.

The Western world was urged by the ministry to “renounce its harmful policies as quickly as possible and to accept the factual facts of a multipolar world.” Instead of focusing on the security realm, the G20 must continue to be a successful platform, it stated. 


The lack of agreement among G20 members meant India resorted to issuing a “president’s summary and outgrowth document” in which it simply added up the two days of addresses and noted dissensions.

“The utmost members explosively condemned the war in Ukraine and stressed that it’s causing immense mortal suffering and aggravating fragilities in the global frugality,” it said, citing dislocation of force chains, pitfalls to fiscal stability and continuing energy and food instability. “

There were other views and different assessments of the situation and warrants,” it said, pertaining to measures put in place by the United States, European countries and others to discipline Russia for corruption and to starve it of earnings.

The outgrowth was analogous to that of a G20 peak in Bali last November when host Indonesia also issued a final protestation admitting differences.

The G20, formed over two decades to attack profitable heads, has decreasingly plodded to reach the agreement demanded to issue a sanctioned end-of-meeting advertisement.

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