Introverts should be encouraged and celebrated in today’s world

Introverts should be encouraged and celebrated in today's world


People differ meaningfully,  thoughtfully, and explicitly. Everyone has their customary way of responding to person-by-situation interaction. 

Twitter bombarded on 2nd Jan with the hashtag ‘world’s introvert day’ and its never-ending memes some good and some bad for most introverts it is a great time to see something after a long dreaded holiday of the year ends on which they can rest and make their day world introvert day appreciated by posting relatable memes on social media. 

Carl Jung who introduced the concept of introversion and extraversion made it easy for a variety of people to understand the forces of two different libidos (life energy) one is directed inward ‘introversion ‘ and in contrast, the libido is outside the self to external events and people. 

Introverts stay quiet in front of extroverts and don’t easily get captivated by loud parties and crowded spaces. Prefer to live by socially withdrawing all possible tasks that take us to introduce ourselves to the outside world. Socializing and being poked by others felt them interlude in their thought process and that’s why the only option left is to be shy. 

Social withdrawal and reticence is the fave thing to accomplish the life goals for an introverted personality. Such a person is inclined to contemplation, introspection, and resistance to external feelings rather than his or her thoughts more than an extroverted personality. 

Why has it become significant to get the awareness of introverts?

The mental health conversation has brought a great and open idea to focus on those who have always felt a little less from society’s extroverted people.  It has proven that our most important institutions,  schools, and colleges are designed for extroverts and extraverted ‘needs for a lot of stimulation.’

What made introverts differ from those psychic opposites extroverts?

  • They spend time alone with some of the comforts of home 
  • They quickly are drained by all the hard work of socializing cross-culturally. 
  • They need to retreat from time to time to recharge batteries to get fit into the local culture. 
  • They don’t repeat their mistakes twice.
  • They don’t often talk when the thought is utterly polished. 

Introverts like other people in small doses,  they usually made out their minds to leave parties early or just an hour later. Slow-paced interaction allows room for thought. Usually emailing does work for them. 

They just didn’t want to become the centre of attraction or prefer schooling and social life, unlike extroverts.

Introverts should be encouraged and celebrated in today's world
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Cross-cultural significance of introverted personality

Human species have five factors: Australian, North American, Asian,  Hispanic, and European cultures. 

Parenting styles are a great area of improvement to be looked upon in children’s development.  

Studies identify two distinct parenting types which are ’emotion coaching’ and ’emotion dismissing’. It affects the children’s skills for communicating about feelings in later life. 

Personality,  culture, gender roles, social conventions, and social media,  these all vary on introverts influencing the emotional expression 


It is worth not interrupting when an introvert gets into talking and listening closely to what they say because being overlooked by others is a major issue for introverts.

Sometimes it feels paralyzing for introverts to change their personality type because it is difficult to switch on and switch off to the opposite psychic personalities. 

So there is nothing wrong and nothing to worry about and lash out at yourself for being introverted. Let’s enjoy and cherish ourselves and be happy with the way we are and if you’re not, that’s your problem. 


What are some traits of introverts? 

Venturesome, tough-minded timid, conscientious, sensitive, suspicious, imaginative. 

Who gave this concept? 

Felicitas Heyne brought the concept for the first time in 2011 to raise awareness in society. 

What is national introvert week? 

The third week of March is celebrated as the national introvert week 

Who are prominent introverts worldwide 

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mahatma Gandhi 


Bill gates 

Disclaimer Statement 

This content is authored by an intern from the Dissent times  Mental health desk. The views here are clearly expressed by the intern only including opinions, and facts,  and don’t forget to share this article as much as you can with introverts in your life. 

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