Sunak expressed concern about the reform of Israel’s judicial system

Sunak expressed concern about the reform of Israel's judicial system
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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stressed the importance of upholding democratic values ​​during talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He expressed concern about reforming Israel’s judiciary.  This move by the Netanyahu government has caused widespread protests across the country. 

On Friday, March 24, Netanyahu was met by hundreds of protesters when he arrived at the British Prime Minister’s office at 10 Downing Street.  Demonstrators carried Israeli flags and chanted slogans insulting Netanyahu.  They kept saying, ‘Netanyahu, you go to jail.  You cannot speak for Israel.’ 

Earlier, Netanyahu visited Germany.  He was forced to cut short his visit in the face of protests there.  Hundreds of demonstrators in Berlin gathered at the Brandenburg Gate to protest against planned changes to Israel’s justice system. 

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Sunak said that the British Prime Minister emphasized the importance of upholding democratic values ​​based on relations with Britain, including the judicial reforms proposed by Israel. 

The two leaders discussed strengthening ties between Britain and Israel, according to a statement after the meeting.  He also discussed security and defense challenges including the threat from Iran. 

Netanyahu invited Sunak for an official visit to Israel, an Israeli statement said. 

Israel’s attorney general on Friday accused Netanyahu of breaking the law over his plan to reform the judiciary.  He also pointed out that the move is illegal, ignoring the conflict of interest in his ongoing corruption trial. 

Note that Israel’s right-wing government led by Netanyahu recently plans to reform the country’s judiciary.  As a result, any decision of the Supreme Court can be changed by a vote in Parliament.  In addition, Netanyahu’s government has also proposed to hand over the power of appointing judges to the parliament.  Israelis are strongly opposed to the government’s plan.  They allege that the country’s democracy will be threatened as a result of this reform. 

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