Tejasvi Yadav’s home raided in Land for Jobs Case

Tejasvi Yadav’s home raided in Land for Jobs Case

 CBI raided Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejasvi Yadav’s house in Delhi in Land for Jobs Case. In the consecutive days his parents, former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rabri Devi were questioned by CBI.

The search is carried out at 15 different locations in a case of money laundering involving Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family members. This search is also covering properties linked to Mr. Yadav’s daughters and former RJD MLA in Delhi- NCR, Ranchi, Mumbai and Patna.

On 7th of March CBI interrogated former union railway minister Lalu Yadav in his Delhi house for five hours. A day before Rabri Devi was questioned in her Patna residence. This CBI case which names Yadav and his daughters is based on allegations that Mr. Yadav and his family members bought land on cheap rates in exchange for jobs during his tenure as union railway minister.  

What is Land for Jobs Case?

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Image Source : Free Press Journal

Total 1458 residents of Patna as appointed as group ‘D’ substitutes in various zones of Indian Railways. Lalu Yadav was Union Railway Minister at that time. When a post is empty and needs to be filled immediately these substitutes are appointed. These substitutes get some pay and allowances as regular employees. 

The Railway department did not advertise these vacancies publicly and neither were the candidates asked to apply for the posts. These group D substitutes sold land to Lalu Yadav, Rabri Devi and their daughters at a price much lower than the market rate of land. Some land was even gifted to the Yadav’s. All these transactions were carried out in cash. 

These group D substitutes didn’t joined their posts immediately , thus negating the grounds for their emergency appointments. All these appointments were then regularised. 

These raids are conducted when opposition parties has blamed BJP of using these central agencies for their political use. Eight opposition parties has written to Prime Minister Modi last week about misuse of these agencies for their political benefits. Tejasvi Yadav was also among the signatories. 

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