What does your body require Healthy diet or Junk food?

What does your body require Healthy diet or Junk food?


Basically, a healthy diet contains all the goodness that our body requires. Especially healthy nutrients and vitamins can fight against Sevier diseases and give strength to our body, whereas junk food contains an unhealthy diet, high calories, and unhealthy fat which are harmful to our bodies.

In our day-to-day life, unlike junk foods, a healthy diet plays an important role.

Healthy diet v/s junk food:

We all agree that food cravings make us more tempted to taste them. junk foods are made with refined sugar, unhealthy carbs, salt, and also unhealthy fats. when the food gets processed they typically lose all the healthy facts like fiber, nutrition, and also water content.

But we still fall in love with junk food because of its appearance and taste.

Unlike healthy foods, the junk food cost is also one of the main reasons to attract people.

Pizza, burgers, packed chips, instant noodles, and cakes create temptation for children, which is harmful to them.

Not like junk foods, a healthy diet contains a lot of healthy fats like carbs, protein, fiber, and other nutrients,

Basically, vegetables, fruits, proteins, herbs, grains, and millet are rich in goodness. when we start our day we start with water which provides energy to our body. thats why nutritionists advise the intake of water in our routine.

Impact on our health:

Developing a healthier diet is very important in our everyday life. Eating a healthy diet makes you more healthy and stay disease free.

Healthy food reduces the risk of health-related issues. maida-based foods, cooking in unhealthy oil, refined sugar-based foods, beverages, frozen foods, container foods, instant noodles pizza, and burgers are some of the unhealthier eating habits we practice in our day-to-day life.

Meanwhile eating junk food leads to a high risk of blood sugar, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain, and cardio diseases.

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     Source: food research lab


Firstly be conscious of what you are consuming, avoid consuming stock up’s, and control your temptation over junk foods.

Meanwhile, we have better and healthiest options to include in our diet, so replace junk with healthier foods.

Replacing junk food with healthy foods is one of healthier munchings such as instead of maida using wheat flour, homemade pizza, burger, chocolates, and homemade bakery foods.

Hence our body requires more strength to protect us from harmful diseases.

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