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When we were young, we always dream about becoming a superhero, wandering around in our imagination. Eventually, with time we stop dreaming. Why? because we grow up.

While we were young, we never really took anything seriously except our eating and sleeping schedule, our lives were heaven-like a dream, but with every dream, we get a wake-up call. For many of us, that call was a 7-year tenure- Adolescence.

A time in our life when we start taking things seriously where our sleeping and eating schedule becomes secondary, A time where friends become our family, A time when the reality of life hit us hard waking us up from our dreams.

But do we really wake up? or do we go to another sleep waiting for our Prince Phillip to wake us?

During this tenure of 7 years, we discover a lot, this wake-up call is like a sonic bomb dual extra loud alarm clock which doesn’t allow us to sleep and dream again. Some of us forget about dreaming and some of us start dreaming with our eyes open, officially declaring us mad for the people of this world.

We get to realize the fact that a superhero is the one who controls the wealth, indirectly controlling the activities in this world. It’s true, 1% of people do control 82% of the wealth. And the top 1% will always control most of the wealth until the other 99% figure out how the 1% go about cultivating wealth.

Then, some people start to accumulate wealth morally, immorally, legally, and illegally. We without knowing register our name in a rat race, running and running to earn. We forget that there is another way to earn, easier and efficient- Learn.

Warren Buffet once said, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

There are always shortcuts to reach a destination but, there’s a difference between a destination and a goal. Not all shortcuts are wrong, but all shortcuts are not long-lasting, you will reach your destination, but you will not be able to enjoy the pain, the effort, the very moment of focus in your journey; eventually, you will fall down, and it will be way harder for you to reach the top again.

So, who is a superhero? The one who takes a shortcut and reaches the destination for a short period of time or the one who takes the actual road and reaches the goal, enjoying every ounce of effort.

It depends on YOU!

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