The origin of word kayastra originated from were kaya means shakti or power astra means from inside these community contributed a lot in field of education and administration  without these community we can imagine the society of india.  So now let us know about glorious history and origin  of these communities.

According to ancient writings and purans the rise of these communities is nearly the ancient medieval period  it is believed that they are ancestors of Chitra Gupta. On the request of yamrak lord brahma gave birth to chitragupt to can maintain an account and record of human activities.

Chitragupt did two-time marriages one was iravati second was nandani were iravati gave birth to 8 sons were Nandani gave birth to 4 sons. These are named as srivastav, surajdwaj, valmik, asthana, mathur, gaur and bhatnagar , saxena , ambasht, nigam, karan and kulshreshth. Coming generation of these people is called as kayastra. 

In the account of history, the first time the use of the word kayastra was 375ad in kushana era there was a practice called land grant practices and a complicated taxation system was exsisted.for these kayastra people were appointed.

In the 4th century gupta period to resolve internal and external matters kayastra were appointed in the 7th century spread in various states and province and in different posts. At the time period home ministry advisor, revenue ministry, and taxation department officers in higher post kayastra community were appointed. 

In 11th or 12th century there are three kinds of kayastra first is chitragupt vanshi kayastra second from maharastra chandr seniya prabhu kayastra  who work and researched on Vedas third one Bengali kayastra was a warrior involved in the administration and war. 

After arriving of the Mughals Persian became the official language of the Mughals. Kayastra community was very progressive mindset by the passing of time they learn Persian language,  urdu, and arbi language and became part of the system famous writer abul fazal maximum Hindus were kayastra in Bengal .  Passing of time they also moved out of India to other countries and settled there such as working in the court of  nizam as  mansabdar.

In the time of the British era not only work in in public administration but also in the executive and involved in the judicial system. They were experts in business also up to 1911 the honors of mills and factories of maximum mills of 40% were from kayastra society not only in Bengal but in other states and provinces of India.

American scholar cristan novetzake  said that in medival period in 6th to the 13th ad some of the Indian states  kayastra considered as Brahman  and some state they come under  kshatriya. With the passing of time kayastra  they other than record-keeping went in other work also the legend like subhash chadra bose, vivekanand, jagdish Chandra , dr rajendra Prasad , amitabh bacchan ,lal bahadur shastri were from kayastra  community. 

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