History of Parsi community

History of parsi community

They are followers of ahura mazda and believe in a single god Ahura means bhagwan (god) mazda means buddhi , its not a person but a power or positive energy let us find out some more interesting facts regarding the community.

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The word farasi originated from the word far as which was a dynasty the history of Parsi is much older than 4000 years Indian parsi are the followers of Zoroastrian religion, the founder of these religions Zarathustra . they use to prey agni(fire) jal(water) vayu(air) aakash and vriksha(tree) but in 600 bc zaratrustra achieved divine power he understand there is always a positive and negative power is present. God is only one that is ahura mazda  afterward these started called as zorabian religion.

Approximately 3500 years ago Persian emporr was among most powerful dynasty serves the great ruled over 486-465bc cyrus the great ruled over 600 to 530bc, arab ruler rashidun caliphate 633ad to 654 ad attacked in Persia when arab invaders forcefully trying to covert the religion then Persian starting migrating moved towards India. Because Persians were aware of the peaceful nature of the Indian subcontinent Persians settled to India .

Qissa e sanjan according to this book that in the 8th century to be safe from arab invaders parsi moved to the mountains of north iran then in 800 ad  they reached diu continent of India where they stayed for 19 years . by the  instructions of their dharma guru dastur decided to shift to Gujrat  they stuck in storm of sea then they preached ahura mazda prey for the safety promised their god installation of pure fire. They reached Gujrat safely, then maharaj jadi rana requested for settlement. 

In very poetic style the king jadi rana told to Persian, the cup filled with milk refused to settle them like these cup fulled with overflow milk like overpopulation in a state can result in mismanagement, then Persian dharma guru replied  the way the sugar mixed with the mild spread sweetness the same way we will adjust with your state and people. The way sugar is mixed up with milk.

After these king agreed with  some terms and conditions such as information about religion and customs,  accept local language in place of Persian language speak in Gujrati, women must adopt local dresses, surrender their weapons, marriage take place in night only.  After accepting these terms and conditions permitted to settle in valsad. It also called holy place of Persian sanjan and installed their god with pure fire which is called athaas behram. 

The main festival of Persians nawroz  by emperor balban later named as jamsheed ji nawroz , also it’s a nawroz , parsi new year or paveti . most specially of these communities after the death of any parsi either not it buried under land or burn they took the body to the parsee Tower of silence which is kind of well in height to hand over the birds.

Some famous Persian personalities homi  jehangir  bhabha, adi burjorji godrej, marshal manikshaw , Diana edulji , jamsetji tata , jehangir ratanji dadabhoy(j.r.d)tata, dinshaw maneekji petit, sir dorab ji tata ,dada bhai naroji, byramjee jejeebhoy esq.

Persians came to India as travelers in search of the land of peace, but today their population are declining or very less after that they contributed a lot to the development and growth of the nation, and India will always appreciate the efforts done by the community.

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