Raids- the coping mechanism of Modi’s Government

Recently, it has been frequent that free and unbiased media or unapologetic citizen is raided by CBI, Income Tax Department, or the local police soon after they make a statement against the ruling party. 

Raids- the coping mechanism of Modi’s government
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India has seen a resurgence in raids. These raids have been controversial due to the fact that they often target specific communities, particularly those who are economically or socially marginalized. Civil rights activists have condemned these raids as they are seen to be a form of state-sponsored discrimination.

The raids have also been criticized for the use of excessive force by the police, leaving many people injured or even killed. It is said that the government uses these techniques to quieten the vocals. Anyone who questions the government has often seen to be questioned by government bodies such as the CBI and Income Tax department.

Who has been raided recently?

Not very long ago, BBC’s office in New Delhi was raided by the Income Tax department on 14th February 2023. On the second day of the search, BBC went through an IT search. BBC had recently released a documentary on  PM Modi which claims that PM Modi was involved in the riots that happened in Gujarat in 2002. The documentary created controversy and an attempt was made to ban it.

Many colleges across the country had planned a screening of the same. At Jamia Millia Islamia, the screening was stopped after the local police were involved and several students were detained. A plea was also filed to ban BBC in India. It is difficult to say that the raid is not related to the release of the documentary putting the PM in a bad light.

Another raid was at the houses of the founder and editor of The Wire, an independent news website. The Delhi Police raided the house of the Editor after BJP leader Amit Malviya lodged an FIR. Amit Malviya’s complaint alleged that documents were forged with “a view to malign and tarnish my reputation”. The Wire was founded in 2015 and since then it has fearlessly called out PM Modi and other leaders of the BJP for various reasons.

The Editors Guild of India Today said it was extremely disturbed by the manner in which the Delhi Police arrived and carried out the searches and seizures at the homes of the editors of The Wire along with their office and newsroom.

Why Raids?  

Many say that the government arranges these raids to tame the ones who speak against them. It threatens the fearless to keep them under check and keep themselves clean of allegations. Not long ago, Delhi’s DY CM Manish Sisodia’s house and office were also searched by the CBI soon after Sisodia attacked the government for calling AAP a government for freebies.

It has been noted that raids and searches are conducted on anyone who has made a statement against the government. These searches and raids seem to be acting as a coping mechanism for the government in protecting its image and keeping it clean. 

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