Trending hashtag #GetoutRavi – After Tamil Nadu Governor, Walked Away Midst Of The Session

The first day of the Tamil Nadu assembly started with MLAs’ protest – to the governor’s walkout of the assembly. What happened during the session in the legislative assembly? Tamil Nadu Assembly’s first session starts with a talk by the governor on Monday, January 09. During his speech DMK allies parties Congress, VCK, MDMK, CPI, CPM, MMK, and TVK shouted slogans against Governor Ravi. Slogans like ‘Tamil Nadu Vazhgavae’, and ‘Engal Nadu Tamil Nadu’. This happens because the response to the governor’s speech about Tamil Nadu can be called Tamizhagam.

After a few minutes, DMK allies’ parties walked out of the assembly session. Governor Ravi continued his speech but with the omission of some content from the inaugural address, about Ambedkar, Kamarajar, Periyar, Anna, and M. Karunanidhi. He also omitted mentions of the Dravidian model of governance and the law-order situation in Tamil Nadu.

After the omission of such content in his speech Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M.K. Stalin condemned Governor omitting such a portion in his inaugural address. When Chief Minister addressed his resolution suddenly Governor walked out of the assembly.

#GetoutRavi In Tamil Nadu

Over time Assembly speaker Appavu addressed, R.N. Ravi had insulted the entire nation by leaving the assembly premises even before the national anthem was sung. Tamil Nadu Governor walked away midst of the session and got content to netizens. They start to ensure their narratives and memes were top trends. Social media echoed using high-decibel film songs. In the opposition, so many started to support Governor. In Tamil Nadu from social media to city walls #GetoutRavi was everywhere.

BJP Annamalai said ‘DMK played a drama using their allied parties’.K.S. Azhagiri questioned ‘whether BJP will accept the president reading policy announcements except for the central government, Like the Governor of Tamil Nadu did in the assembly’.And MLA Velmurugan criticized the ‘Governor’s action against Tamil Nadu, Tamil people, Tamil Language, and also for Indian Political System’.

The meme creator did some photoshop and edited a video of how Stalin looked towards the Governor when he was passing CM in assembly. Stalin’s supporters said that was a smirk, and Ravi’s supporters said they can see the fear on Stalin’s face. However, social media content got hype by using the hashtag #GetoutRavi.

This will be a great political change and this will make people question what going to happen in Tamil Nadu politics. Forming good governance for people should be a priority for the government. But, these actions were failing to fulfil the expectations of people.

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